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No matter how big or small your home is – there are certainly numerous things in your apartment that have to be appropriately dismantled, packed, transported and reassembled when moving. You are sure to ask yourself numerous questions: How do I best pack my things? What about fragile items? Who can I ask for help? These and many more questions are most commonly asked by people moving house.

Moving not only takes a lot of time, it can also be quite stressful. So why not hire a moving company to do the chore for you? Fortunately, in Graefelfing you will find a professional moving company that will help you. Find out now why you should hire a moving company in Graefelfing and what to look out for when choosing.


Did you know, that…

… the first written mention of the Würmtalgemeinde Gräfelfing goes back to the year 763 as Grefolvingas?

There are traces of settlement from the Bronze, Roman and Merovingian periods. Graefelfing and Lochham were small villages on the Würm for centuries. However, the barren land did not allow for great wealth and the small number of farms was under various manors.

The place took on a rapid upswing at the beginning of the 20th century. Colonies of villas formed along the newly created railway line to Lake Starnberg, and restaurants opened up that invited people to go on excursions.

In addition, the factory district on the Würm brought many new residents to the villages.

Graefelfing is located next to Munich and is also seen as the gateway to the “five-lake region”. Graefelfing’s largest part is on the left, i.e. western side of the Würm. The districts of Neuaubing and Pasing connect seamlessly to the north. Hadern is a short distance east of Graefelfing. In the meantime, Graefelfing has also grown together with the neighboring municipality of Planegg to the south.

Graefelfing is on the A96, which leads from Munich to Lindau. In addition, the A99 (Munich motorway ring) is close by.

With Lochham and Graefelfing, the municipality has two S-Bahn stops where the S6 (Tutzing to Zorneding) runs.

The range of local public transport is complemented by numerous bus routes.

What do the customers of our moving company say?

Why you should hire a moving company

Do you have your own van and friends or family who could help you move in Graefelfing? So why not do everything on your own? The answer is very simple: a move usually consists of more work than it looks at first glance. Hardly anyone has the time or the right experience to plan everything in good time and to be able to carry out the move on their own.

You should therefore place your trust in a professional moving company that meets your requirements and takes the pressure off you when moving to Graefelfing. A moving company has its own vehicles and employees who have the necessary equipment and experience. In this way, fewer journeys and less effort are required to safely pack and transport your valuable items. Thanks to the many years of experience of the employees of our moving company, the moving time is reduced and thus the moving costs are lowered.

Another reason why you should hire us is to protect your valuable possessions. Our professional moving company has specialists who carefully apply their packaging and transport skills when moving to Graefelfing. You can be sure that your items are in the right hands. Donath Removals & Storage will handle your belongings responsibly so that your property will not be damaged.

In addition, carrying large and awkward objects is not for everyone, as it can quickly lead to injuries and damage to your house or your belongings. Our professionals at Donath Removals & Storage have the necessary knowledge to properly transport large items.

Your moving company in Graefelfing

If you want to hire a moving company to move in Graefelfing, you have come to the right place! You may want to compare several moving companies in Graefelfing, but an important factor in the selection is certainly the moving costs. Of course, it is in your interest to pay as little as possible for moving. However, you should pay attention to the services that are included in the moving costs when the moving company offers.

Donath Removals & Storage is serious and will be happy to help and advise you. Regardless of whether you are only planning a partial move or a complete move – together we will discuss the details and find a solution for your move. Let us convince you of our service!