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If you live in Germeringand want to move, then you have found exactly the right contact in Donath Removals & Storage. A reputable moving company in Germering not only saves you the work, but also a lot of stress in planning, dismantling, transporting and setting up your possessions All of these tasks can be done by professionals at a moving company and will most likely get the job done much faster than you would on your own.

You do not have to worry about the transport of your valuables, because our moving company in Germering has many years of experience with moving and is familiar with how large objects have to be transported and fragile moving goods must be properly packed. Any damage that may occur during transport is covered by insurance. So why not benefit from our experience and professionalism? If you have any questions, we are happy to provide you with important tips.


Did you know, that…

… the first documentary mention of Germering between 859 and 864 as Kermaringon took place? Germana vel ad monte (translatable as “the property of the sister on the mountain”) was the name of the place in what is probably the oldest document from the year 769. Early medieval row graves and pre-Romanesque church remains can be found under the old St. Martin Church.

During fighting in 1422 Germering was destroyed in the “Battle of Alling”. Both communities were mentioned for the first time in 1448 as a member of the Starnberg district court. Germering owes the inconsistent settlement structure to the rapid development after the Second World War. In addition to Unterpfaffenhofen, the high-rise housing estates of the seventies (today’s Wittelsbacher Höfe and Nibelungen-Wohnpark) and the new city center including the town hall with modern architecture, there is also a village center in the “old Germering”.

The large district town of Germering maintains town twinning with Domont (France) and Balatonfüred (Hungary).

In addition to numerous smaller companies in the service sector, mainly medium-sized companies from the metalworking and chemical industries are based in Germering. Numerous entrepreneurs are organized in the Germering trade association (#WeareGermering).

Germering has ideal transport connections thanks to the A96 (Munich – Lindau) and A99 (Munich ring road). In addition, Germering is optimally connected to local public transport and has two S-Bahn stations Harthaus and Germering-Unterpfaffenhofen on the S8 (airport – Herrsching). Various bus routes also operate here.

What do the customers of our moving company say?

What factors determine the cost of a move?

When comparing moving companies, moving costs are of course an important aspect. However, you should take a close look and examine the services on offer. How much a moving company charges in its prices depends on many factors.

On the one hand, the price results from the amount of things that have to be transported. On the other hand, the shape and inconvenience of the transport must also be taken into account. For example, if large objects do not fit through the door, they must be brought in or out through the window using an outside elevator. Such special requirements obviously mean higher costs.

Another factor in the price question is the distance between the old and the new apartment. There are also other circumstances such as B. on which floor the apartment is located, whether there is an elevator in the building or the things have to be carried down and up the stairs. Parking in front of the door or a short distance away naturally also plays a role that must be taken into account when calculating the moving costs.

As a fair and transparent moving company in Germering, we discuss all of the factors mentioned in a free consultation so that we can make you an offer with the expected costs for your move. So you do not expect any unintended surprises after the move, when you subsequently settle the moving costs.

Services of our moving company in Germering

Donath Removals & Storage offers you all-round help when moving in and around town. You can decide for yourself which services you would like to commission. The basic variant would be, for example, that you pack the boxes yourself and our specialists take care of the transport. So you wait with fully packed moving boxes and our moving company transports them to their destination. This variant also means that you dismantle and assemble larger objects yourself.

An additional service includes dismantling and reassembling your furniture, which means that corresponding moving costs are calculated. Our moving company in Germering also offers you the option of booking a so-called partial move. This variant means that the moving company only transports heavy and bulky items for you, while everything else is done by you.

You can of course also entrust Donath Removals & Storage with the full relocation program. In this case, we take over the planning, packing, transport and assembly of your move. There is also the option of having your valuables insured. The most important thing when hiring a moving company is that you clarify all questions in advance so that our specialists know exactly which tasks need to be tackled. We guarantee you a smooth move in Germering and the surrounding area.